Sunday, April 23, 2006

How to Make Your Investment Property Work for You

     Do you own an investment property? Do you ever worry about how you are going to make money with that property? Most investors think the only way to make money is the rent. This is just not the truth! If you have a real estate agent that is telling you this property will make you money for years to come is doing you a disservice. YOU can make up to 19% on your investment property without ANY money out of pocket!

     Most owners of rental property only look at the money they bring in each month. This is not the way to look at rental property. It is just one of the four ways a rental property can make you money. The four parts are: debt service, cash flow before taxes, taxable income and appreciation.

     If you take your present investment property and purchase a new property, with only the equity that you have built in your current property you could do this year in and year out with  NO out of pocket expenses. With the help of the right real estate agent you could buy a duplex that could not only put money in your pocket each month, it could also pay for the mortgage, be a great tax write off and with the appreciation could earn you 19% or more on your original investment! That original investment was paid for you by the equity in your present rental property.  This 19% can also be earned EVERY YEAR and I will gladly sit down with you and show you how this can be done.

Todd Clark – broker
Kastings & Associates